Monday, March 4, 2019

FAQ - Fox 2.0 Adventure Series vs. Bilstein 5100

Heat is one of the major detriments to the performance and longevity of any shock absorber.  Conventional twin tube designed shocks trap the heat within the shock body and do not let it adequately dissipate, making them prone to heat build-up, fade, and eventual failure.

Fox’s entry-level race shock, the new 2.0 Adventure Series shock share the 2” diameter of their Performance shock  line, maintaining a great level of shock volume for optimal damping abilities.

Bilstein’s 5100 series features a mono tube design to take advantage of pressure differentials and Bilstein’s digressive working piston assembly.

Due to larger wheels, tires, and heightened vehicle stance, lifted truck and jeeps place increased demands on a shock’s ability.  When considering an upgraded shock for these unique demands, the Fox 2.0 Adventure Series and the Bilstein 5100 series are often put head to head.

Both shocks are designed to fit factory mounting configuration with no modifications, have limited lifetime warranties, and rarely blowout or fail.

SPECIFICATIONS            Body      Size Piston      Size Body              Rod Size

FOX ADVENTURE             2.0”      48mm            Aluminum              16mm

BILSTEIN 5100                   1.95”     46mm            Steel                       14mm

Although we believe the Adventure Series is meant to compete with the Bilstein 5100 in price, ride and comfort, off road ability still goes to the Fox.


Better Highway/Daily Driver - Bilstein 5100

Better Offroad Capability - Fox 2.0 Adventure

Build Construction - Both are premium level shocks with top quality components.